Brown rice mill : NW 250

Rice milling machine : NW 250 MODEL "Green bee" brand        
Rice milling machine for Brown rice        
Milling capacity with  50 - 70  kg/hour        
This machine include Huller for making brown rice        
Easy to use and moveable.        
This compact rice milling machine is suitable for Home use or Laboratory use.        
Made in Thailand with high quality material.


Details + Spares

Milling capacity : 50-70 kg paddy/hour

Motor 1/2 HP, 220 Volt        
Weight 47 kg        
Dimension : W 76 x L 30 x H 90 cm (including rice container)        
Remark : For Brown rice , need to do Dehusking process twice for this machine  

Video :

System ! No Spares