Rice mill : M-1

Rice milling machine : M-1 Model

Rice milling machine for Brown rice and White rice

High milling capacity with  200 - 250  kg/hour

This machine include Grain separator for selecting paddy from contamination,

Huller for making brown rice and Automatic brown rice and paddy sorting machine.

Then Polishing which color level can be adjustable for white rice.

Automatic sorting rice bran, chaff, and broken-milled rice.

This compact rice milling machine is suitable for commercial use.

Made in Thailand with high quality material.


Details + Spares

Milling capacity :  200 - 250  kg/hour

Motor 4.75 HP, 220 Volt

Weight 525 kg

Dimension : W 200 x L 220 x H 260 cm

Video :

System ! No Spares