Rice mill : NW 2000 TURBO

Rice milling machine : NW 2000 TURBO MODEL


Rice milling machine for Brown rice and White rice

High milling capacity with  150 - 170  kg/hour

This machine include Huller for making brown rice then Polishing

which color level can be adjustable for white rice.

Automatic sorting rice bran, chaff, and broken-milled rice.

Easy to use and moveable.

This compact rice milling machine is suitable for commercial use.

Made in Thailand with high quality material.


Details + Spares

Milling capacity with  150 - 170  kg/hour

Motor 3 HP, 220 Volt

Weight 165 kg

Dimension : W 110 x L 58 x H 145 cm

Remark : For Brown rice , need to do Dehusking process twice for this machine

Video :

System ! No Spares